Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship Accident

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The Carnival Triumph cruise ending on Valentines Day, February 14, 2013 was an unmitigated disaster. Carnival chose to take that apparently poorly maintained ship out into the open ocean with over 4,200 passengers onboard after having experienced troubles with the propulsion and stabilizers in the cruise before the ill fated one.

For some reason which is known only to Carnival at this point, all of the diesel engines which are supposed to provide power to propel the ship and to provide electricity to run the ship went out with this fire. There is supposed to be complete redundancy in these systems and yet there was not. This points to poor maintenance and poor judgment on taking this ship out to sea or out of service. Carnival chose to take it out to sea.

Then Carnival chose to take the ship to Mobile, Alabama. This decision was made even though the ship when the fire occurred was right off the coast of a Carnival owned pier and cruise port in Cozumel, Mexico called Puerta Maya. Instead and perhaps because the ship was going to have to be towed to a shipyard anyway, they chose to take it to Mobile.

But what about the passengers and the crew? They could have gotten off of the ship in Cozumel or at the cruise port in Progresso, Mexico. Carnival did not want to incur the expense of taking the people off there. When the ship became disabled, the captain could have dropped anchor and waited for the tugs to come and get the ship and tow it to Cozumel or to Progresso, Mexico where they have cruise ship piers. This would have required more expense in the short run. They tried to do it the cheap way and the way which caused the most harm and risk of harm to its crew and passengers. They left the passengers on the ship as the ship was towed or made its way to Mobile.

Map of Carnival Triumph's course
(From USA Today)

That choice by Carnival meant that those 4,200 people were exposed for 4 days to raw sewage. The sewage was in the cabins, in the carpet in the hallways, and dripping down the walls of the cabin hallways. Exposure to sewage water poses a public health nightmare. There are numerous diseases which can be suffered as a result of this exposure.

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