Family Sues Disney Cruise Line Over Alleged Sexual Assault on Three-Year-Old Daughter

In a newly filed lawsuit, a family is alleging that their young daughter was sexually assaulted aboard a Disney cruise ship in 2020. reports that the lawsuit was filed last month in Orlando. The suit alleges that workers in the Disney Fantasy cruise ship daycare were negligent when they failed to separate children by age, leading to an older child improperly touching the three-year-old victim. The suit says that the daycare was understaffed and the daycare workers were poorly trained.

The family, which was not identified in the report, filed the $20 million lawsuit against Disney Cruise Line as a result of the alleged assault.

For its part, Disney Cruise Line is denying the allegations and insists that the sexual assault never happened.

Though the statute of limitation for filing suit stemming from cruise ship sexual assault is typically one year, in certain cases this timeframe may be extended.

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