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Cruise Ship Negligent Event Planning Attorneys

When negligence causes injuries during cruise ship events and activities

Cruise ships are known for their on-board and off-board events. Activities like concerts and performances, dances, contests, and other events allow guests to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences during their voyages. However, if these activities are inherently unsafe, improperly supervised, or otherwise conducted in a negligent manner, people can experience preventable harm and injury. When this happens, cruise ships must be held accountable.

The cruise ship injury attorneys at Hickey Law Firm protect the legal rights of passengers injured on cruises. As most major cruise lines depart out of Miami, we are uniquely positioned to represent injured cruise ship guests, no matter where you may be located throughout the country. Our knowledge and experience is second to none, with a team led by John H. (Jack) Hickey. Hickey is double board-certified by The Florida Bar in Civil Trial and Admiralty and Maritime law and our whole team is prepared to fight for you.


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What is negligent event planning?

The key to understanding whether your cruise ship injury was a result of negligent event planning is understanding what negligence means. In a negligence claim, our attorneys work to show the following points are true:

  • You (or a member of your family) were owed a duty of care by the cruise line
  • The cruise line failed in that duty of care
  • The cruise line’s actions (or inaction) caused your injuries
  • You suffered harm and damages as a result
  • The cruise line’s failure in their duty of care was the proximate cause of your injuries

When we take your cruise ship injury case, we show the insurance company or the court why all these points are true.

What types of cruise ship event accidents does your firm handle?

Cruises provide a wide range of activities and events onboard the ship itself. Cruise ships have thousands of rooms, dozens of floors, shopping centers, theaters, pools, restaurants, and more. Cruise lines are obligated to properly maintain all of these public areas and keep events running smoothly to keep passengers safe from harm.

Guests can potentially suffer a preventable injury in many different ways onboard a cruise ship, including:

  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Waterslide injuries
  • Tender boat accidents
  • Excursion accidents
  • Overservice of alcohol

The attorneys at Hickey Law Firm can investigate your case to determine the cause of your accident and injuries, using our vast network of professional experts and resources.


Who is responsible when I’m injured during a cruise ship activity or event?

Although you may believe you’re signing away all your rights and protections when you purchase your cruise tickets, you can still hold a company liable for many injuries, especially serious harm stemming from cruise line or staff negligence. Parties who may be held responsible for your injuries can include a:

  • Cruise line
  • Company that chartered the cruise
  • Staff members
  • Other passengers
  • On-board restaurant or club
  • Off-board premises and venues
  • Excursion chartering companies

These are only a few examples of potential liable parties; details generally depend on the specific circumstances of your case. Our Miami cruise ship injury attorneys are happy to explain more in a personal consultation.

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How much time do I have to bring a claim against a cruise line?

There is a time limit for bringing a claim against a cruise line. For injured adults, this is one year from the date of the injury.

However, for injuries to certain categories of people or for fatal injuries, the time limit can be up to three years under federal statute 46 USC Sec. 30508. Per the statute, if a minor child or adult who is legally “incompetent” is sexually assaulted, or the claim is for wrongful death, the time limit is extended up to three years.

These time limits and statutes of limitation can be complicated, especially in cases of sexual assault. Equally important is WHERE you file your cruise ship injury lawsuit. Hickey Law Firm can help.

Skilled cruise ship negligent event planning attorneys

The cruise line injury attorneys at Hickey Law Firm represent passengers injured during events and activities. When cruise lines and staff fail to take proper precautions and guests suffer harm and serious injury, it is crucial they are held accountable for their negligent actions. Our years of experience successfully fighting the cruise industry gives you the advantage you need.

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