American Cruise Passenger Killed on Shore Excursion in Belize

In Belize on Tuesday, two American Tourists, Theresa Lyn Meyers and Samuel Douglas Schulte left their cruise ship which had docked in Belize, for a day trip tour of Jaguar Paw.

They were travelling along George Price Highway shortly before noon, in a small blue SUV being driven by their tour guide, Leon Garcia of Big John’s Tours. Garcia overtook an eighteen wheeler delivery truck, laden with oranges, and then for some reason stopped in front of the truck. Given the size of the truck, the driver, Miguel Arriaza, was unable to stop in time, nor was he able to swerve around the SUV as another vehicle was coming in the opposite direction. The semi smashed into the rear of the SUV.

It took an ambulance around an hour to get to the scene of the accident, meanwhile the the cruise passengers were trapped inside the vehicle. The two Americans were taken to hospital in Belize where Meyers was pronounced to be dead.

Garcia, the driver of the SUV, Arriaza, the driver of the truck and a passenger in the truck, Emil Lisbey were also taken to hospital.

It appears that the other cruise passenger, Schulte has internal injuries, and according to a spokeswoman from the American Embassy, who is helping, he is to be transferred to a hospital in Belize City.

It is thought that Garcia is suffering from whiplash, but has no other serious injuries and Arriaza was uninjured. Lisbey is suffering from cuts to the head but there is no further news on his condition.

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