Two People Stranded Dangerously Above Alligator Infested Waters in Gatorland Zip Line Accident

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Posted: July 10, 2018

A man and a child were left dangling above an alligator pit while taking part in a zipline attraction at a popular Florida tourist destination late last week.


Video of the incident, which occurred at Gatorland theme park in Orlando, has been circulating the internet. It shows a man and a child helplessly stranded approximately 40 feet above the alligator infested waters below. reports that the manager of the attraction, Nick Cahippina, says that the two became stuck after gusts of wind slowed down their acceleration.

Though Cahippina insists that the pair were not in any danger during the incident, a similar situation in Honduras resulted in one person being killed and another being injured after they collided on a zip line during an excursion from a cruise ship.

According to the report, the man and the boy were rescued from their precarious position about 10 minutes after becoming stranded.  

Every year people are harmed and killed in zip line accidents. In 2009, we at Hickey Law Firm filed suit against Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) for the death of Barbara Fojtasek, who was killed in 2008 when her zip line cable broke as she repelled along it.