Report: Goodyear Knew Of Deadly Defect for Up to 20 Years

Between 1998 and 2009 eight people were killed and at least 69 others injured due to defective Goodyear tires. Now, federal investigators are asserting that Goodyear was aware of the defect for up to 20 years but failed to recall them.

According to an Goodyear refused to recall the tires, in some cases until March 2022.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requested that Goodyear issue the recall on February 22, 2022. The company initially refused, but later overturned that decision and decided to cooperate.

In the NHTSA letter, the agency suggests that Goodyear was on notice of the defect as early as 2002.

“The safety-related defect is clear, identified failure that leads to a loss of vehicle control, causing crashes and potentially catastrophic consequences such as death and serious injury,” the agency said in the letter.

The defect can cause the tread to separate from the body of the tire, potentially causing drivers to lose control of the vehicles.

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