One High School Student Dead, Another Severely Injured, after Post-Prom Crash

Two local high school football players were severely injured in a crash, following prom Sunday morning. One player died from his injuries Tuesday, while the other continues to fight for his life.

19-year-old receiver Taletrius Bradley was killed, and 17-year-old cornerback Demetrius Palmer was seriously injured, in a prom night car crash. The Miami Herald report on the incident says that the teens were ejected from a rented red Corvette in the single vehicle crash. Bradley’s mother had rented the powerful vehicle for the weekend as part of her effort to make her son’s prom night experience memorable.  

Bradley was driving the car when he lost control and crashed, ejecting both teens from the vehicle.

The boy’s football coach, Jevon Glenn, said that though Palmer was severely injured in the crash, he is beginning to show signs of recovery. “He’s still in critical condition. We’re not in the clear yet, but he’s showing signs of progress. He’s got some head injuries, but they’re continuing to do brain scans and so far, they’ve been coming back good,” he said.

The students’ social media profiles, some featuring Bradley as he posed with the Corvette, filled up with condolences, memories, and tributes, as students, family, and friends became aware of Bradley’s passing.

Bradley was set to graduate from Deerfield Beach High School later this year.