California Man Convicted of Cruise Ship Sexual Assault

Newsweek is reporting that a former cheerleading coach has been convicted of cruise ship sexual assault. 

The incident occurred in 2015 when Anthony Paul De La Torriente, of California, was traveling to Ensenada, Mexico a group of coworkers, including the 20 year old victim. The report says that both were working for a California based cheerleading and gymnastics company at the time. 
At some point the woman became intoxicated and De La Torriente offered to remain with her in her room while other coworkers went for food. When they returned they found that they could not enter the room. When De La Torriente finally allowed them in, the woman said that he had sexually assaulted her.

Following the incident De La Torriente was arrested and charged with one count of abusive sexual contact.

At trial DNA swabs were presented that matched De La Torriente, helping to seal his conviction.
De La Torriente is facing up to life in prison and will be sentenced in June.