More Information on Recent Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Arrest

Last week we blogged about a cruise ship worker who was recently arrested for allegedly raping a fellow crew member aboard the ship on which they worked as it sailed toward St. Thomas. Now, authorities have released more information about the case.


Authorities have identified Louie Ison Mangampat of the Philippines as the alleged perpetrator. reports that Mangampat was arrested on charges of aggravated sexual abuse by force after he allegedly raped a workmate aboard the Celebrity Equinox cruise ship.

The report indicates that the alleged incident occurred on September 25 when Mangampat was in a crew cabin with other crew members at the end of their work shift. Mangampat then allegedly cornered a female crew member in the cabin’s bathroom, began to grope her against her will, and then raped her.

After the alleged attack the woman, who has not been identified, sought help at a friend’s cabin and then at the ship’s infirmary. The medic documented the woman’s injuries.

Mangampat is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of the Virgin Islands.

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