10 Additional Passengers Aboard Quarantined Cruise Ship Test Positive for Coronavirus

Two days ago we blogged that a cruise ship had been quarantined in Japan after 10 of its passengers tested positive for coronavirus. Now, authorities report that 10 additional passengers aboard the ship have also tested positive for the virus. 

Foxnews.com reports that the Diamond Princess cruise ship was placed under two weeks’ quarantine by authorities in Japan earlier this week, leading to the detention of nearly 3,500 people including passengers and crew members.

Authorities removed the initial 10 people who had tested positive from the ship, but the contagion apparently continues to spread. The revelation that 10 additional people have tested positive for the virus is sure to heighten scrutiny of the remaining passengers aboard the ship.

“Princess Cruises can confirm that we have been notified that amongst the second set of samples that have completed testing,10 additional people have tested positive for Coronavirus,” Princess Cruises said in a statement. 

The infected victims include people from all over the world, including two Americans, two Canadians, three people from Hong Kong, and seven people from Japan.