About the Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures Collision Lawsuit

About the Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures Collision LawsuitHickey Law Firm announces it has filed a lawsuit in connection with the Thriller speedboat collision that happened on February 11, 2024 off of Port Miami. The collision injured 29 and sent 13 to the hospital. The Thriller speedboat and a charter vehicle collided close to 3:15pm. One of the boats involved was Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures. The other was the pleasure craft Obelix, owned by multiple parties who were operating it illegally as a charter boat under the fake company name Midnight Sun Charters.

This is one of the most serious maritime disasters in the state of Florida ever. Now, Hickey Law Firm has filed a lawsuit related to the collision, on behalf of two people injured in the boat crash.

Per court documents, here’s what happened on the day of the crash:

The description of the incident starts on page 5. As alleged in paragraph 21 on page 6: On the sunny, clear afternoon of February 11, 2024, these 2 overpowered boats with racing hulls were speeding and turning in the same general direction in the South Channel, south of Dodge Island on which the Port of Miami is located and north of Brickell Key in Miami, Florida. They raced through and exceeded the no-wake manatee zone speed limit at the westerly end of Dodge Island. They then were engaged in excessive speed and dangerous maneuvering to give thrills to the passengers onboard. Neither of these two overpowered, speeding boats maintained a proper lookout for other vessels which is a basic requirement of good seamanship, especially with passengers onboard while you are speeding on plane and in a boating channel. The excessive speed and dangerous maneuvering of these boats, the failure to maintain a proper lookout for other vessels, the failure to steer clear of other vessels, the high-speed maneuvering close to each other, in other words, the negligence and carelessness which led to this predictable and preventable collision blatantly violated established marine safety rules and regulations. The result of this negligence and carelessness was the collision of these 2 boats. The 43′ Midnight Express weighing in at about 20,000 lbs. or 10 tons and speeding at over 40 mph rode up over Thriller Boat 06 and crushed 2 Thriller Boat passengers, Stephanie Camarato and Matthew Camarato, the Plaintiffs herein. The collision caused catastrophic, life changing injuries to both of these people.ˆ

The Camaratos experienced severe injuries; Stephanie Camarato in particular:

Page 7, paragraph 22, details the injuries our clients sustained. In this crash, Stephanie Camarato was struck directly in the head and the impact threw her across the 55′ Thriller Boat 06. Immediately after the impact, Mrs. Camarato was unable to move and was struggling to breathe. She was bleeding from her mouth and her nose and the side of her head. She was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center where it was discovered she sustained multiple skull fractures, multiple brain bleeds, and a severe traumatic brain injury. A hole was drilled into her cranium to monitor her intracranial pressure. She sustained lacerations to her liver and spleen. The impact also caused fractures of several ribs which punctured at least one lung, and collapsed that lung, requiring the insertion of a chest tube. She also sustained numerous lacerations, including one to her arm which required at least 11 stitches. The traumatic brain injury has forced Mrs. Camarato into a vegetative or close to vegetative, unconscious, non-responsive state. She currently remains in intensive care at a local Level I trauma center.

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