Minnesota Orthopedic Center No Longer Has to Pay $110 Million After Mishandling a Patient’s Leg Surgery

Minnesota Orthopedic Center No Longer Has to Pay $110 Million After Mishandling a Patient’s Leg SurgeryIn 2019, man named Anuj Thapa filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Minnesota orthopedic center, and in 2022 was awarded $110 million for pain and suffering damages by a jury. A federal magistrate judge, however, has deemed that award excessive.

According to an article published by Law360, Thapa is expected to have ongoing pain in his left leg almost every day and walk around with a limp going forward because of St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates’ negligent acts. However, regardless of this, the federal judge decided that the $110 million compensation amount was “shockingly excessive” and does not add up to the noneconomic damages that the jury decided on. Instead, the judge told Thapa to either settle for $10 million or go to trial again.

Some of the reasons given for why the $110 million compensation should not be given to the patient are because he is not completely disabled, not required to use a wheelchair to get around, and does not need continuous caregiving services. The judge recognized that Thapa may need to quit his college engineering program because of the chronic pain that he suffers but pointed out that he did get a degree from college. Although the judge says he sympathizes with the patient, he does not believe that the pain and other losses that he has suffered equals an award of $110 million.

Thapa has until the end of November to decide to take the case to trial again or to take the $10 million. No matter what he decides, he will be able to keep the economic damages that he received, which were $1.25 million.

What caused the patient’s leg problems?

At the beginning of 2017, the patient suffered a fracture to his fibula and tibia in his left leg when playing a game of soccer. He was transported to St. Cloud Hospital, where he was told by physicians that he needed surgery to repair his fracture. Thapa continued to be in pain for several days after the hospital sent him home. Eventually, he claimed that he was no longer able to stand on his leg due to the excruciating pain, causing him to return to the hospital.

The doctors and nurses assessed his symptoms and discovered that he likely had acute compartment syndrome, which is described by the National Center for Biotechnology Information as “increased pressure within a closed osteofascial compartment, resulting in impaired local circulation.” If this condition is not treated promptly, it typically leads to serious damage within the tissues, nerves, and muscles. Due to this condition, Anuj Thapa underwent over 20 different surgeries that caused severe scarring.

It was decided by a jury that Thapa’s condition would not have reached this point or caused so much pain and suffering if it weren’t for the orthopedic center’s negligent behavior toward the patient. Therefore, St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates was demanded to pay $110 million to Thapa, which was thrown out by the federal judge.

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