Woman Rescued after Fall from Cruise Ship

Every year dozens of passengers fall from cruise ships and ferries across the world. As can be imagined, passengers who fall from these massive vessels are usually lost at sea, never to be seen or heard from again. Despite the odds, a person who recently fell from a cruise ship was rescued alive and is now recovering from the incident.

Passenger rescued after fall from cruise ship in 2015
According to KHOU.com, the victim, only identified as an adult woman, fell from the Norwegian Cruise Line ship Epic recently, as the ship sailed in the vicinity of the Bahamas. Perhaps the key to the woman’s survival was the fact that the crew launched a rescue life boat relatively quickly, allowing them to locate her and pull her to safety.

According to the report, rescue workers used lights from the life boat and the ship in order to locate the victim.

In a statement about the incident, Norwegian said:

“We are thankful that our team reacted quickly and was able to rescue the guest. Our thoughts and prayers are with the guest and their family, as they embark on the recovery process and our CARE team is providing support and assistance during this time.”

Cruise companies have been criticized for failing to fully deploy so-called “man overboard” technology, which can help alert cruise ship authorities as to when a passenger has fallen overboard, and even locate where they entered the water and are likely to be found.