Celebrity Cruises Accused of Leaving a Passenger’s Body to Decompose on Board

Celebrity Cruises Accused of Leaving a Passenger’s Body to Decompose on BoardPeople take cruises to relax and have fun. Sometimes, however, passengers pass away. But you expect that the cruise ship would treat their bodies with dignity and respect.

Celebrity Cruises is facing a lawsuit from Marilyn Jones, the widow of Robert Jones. Mr. Jones had a fatal heart attack while traveling on the Celebrity Equinox ship. The ship was out to sea when he died.

The crew allegedly told Mrs. Jones they could either remove his body at their next stop (Puerto Rico) or keep him in their morgue until they returned to port in Fort Lauderdale. Mrs. Jones chose the morgue.

This makes perfect sense. She was grieving the unexpected loss of her husband. Of course she wouldn’t want to be stranded in an unfamiliar country with his body, worrying how to get him home for a proper funeral and burial. She didn’t want to have to deal with an autopsy, which would be necessary if they removed Mr. Jones in Puerto Rico. The whole situation is beyond traumatic.

But that’s not what the cruise line did. Mrs. Jones filed a lawsuit that says that her husband’s “body was stored for nearly a week inside a walk-in cooler normally used for beverages instead of a properly chilled morgue as she was promised.” This caused his body to bloat and discolor.

The Jones family cannot have the type of wake and funeral they wanted, as was their tradition. This was a family that always held open casket wakes so that friends and loved ones could say goodbye. But now they cannot have their traditional wake because of the gross negligence of Celebrity Cruises.

Mrs. Jones and her family are understandably traumatized. They are seeking a million dollars in a lawsuit. They have requested a jury trial.

Suing a cruise ship for damages requires experienced legal counsel

Hickey Law Firm has a national reputation for its work on behalf of cruise ship injury victims. In this case, the victims are the family – but also the late Mr. Jones. He deserved so much better than how they treated him. Celebrity Cruises did not give him any dignity in death. They traumatized his family, who will forever live with the sight of his body.

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