Woman Presumed Dead after Fall from Cruise Ship

A cruise ship passenger is presumed dead after falling from the ship on which she was traveling over the weekend.

The 63-year-old Korean woman was traveling between Cannes, Frances, and Palma de Mallorca, Spain when she fell from the Norwegian Epic cruise ship. 


MarketWatch.com reports that after the ship’s authorities were notified of the woman’s disappearance, the ship turned around and returned to the site of her disappearance in order to conduct a search. Passengers aboard the ship were asked to assist looking for the victim, who was last seen wearing pink pajamas.

After the several hours’ long search, the Epic returned to its scheduled itinerary. The woman was not found and is presumed dead.

This disappearance comes scarcely two weeks after a group of Korean tourists were killed in a collision involving a cruise ship in Budapest, Hungary. The Viking Sigyn ran into the much smaller vessel, the Mermaid, which was carrying 33 South Korean tourists and two crewmembers. The Mermaid capsized and sank within minutes of being struck. 

Seven people were rescued,and 17 people have been declared dead. Another 11 people are still missing.