Which Cruise Companies Require Victims to File Injury Lawsuits In Miami?

Every year hundreds of people become victims of cruise related injuries and deaths. Reports of cruise ship sexual assaults alone account for dozens of victims annually. Add this figure those who are injured in slip-and-fall accidents, in cruise ship pools, and while on excursion from cruise ships, and the tally adds up quickly. 

While many of those who are injured aboard cruise ships have valid negligence claims against the cruise companies, these victims cannot file suit in whichever jurisdiction they choose. Instead, victims must file suit in the jurisdiction specified in their cruise ticket (cruise contract). Many of the major cruise lines require victims to file suit in Miami, Florida. 

In this video, cruise injury attorney Jack Hickey discusses the issue of where cruise injury victims must file suit. In particular, victims must file in Miami, Florida if they have been injured due to the negligence of any of the following cruise lines:

  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Celebrity Cruise Line
  • Norwegian Cruise Line

As Hickey states in the video, regardless of where in the world the victim was located when he or she was injured, the victim must file suit in Miami, Florida if he or she was injured while traveling with any of these cruise companies.