Cruise Line’s Dirty Secrets – Revealed

Let’s take a minute out to review some of the less commonly known facts about cruising, and the cruise industry. We have done many posts about this matter, and we will continue to do so because the public really needs to know what they are getting into when they set sail with the Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbeans of the world. So, without futher ado – here are some interesting cruise facts. The most common crime committed against women on cruise ships is sexual assault. Drinking too much on a cruise ship is inevitably linked to sexual assault, with the victim often being women. It’s not just the situation where a person gets too rowdy because of having too much to drink. There are also cases of drinks being spiked by nefarious characters. Women should be especially careful while cruising. Those who go missing on cruise ships are usually never heard from again. It seems logical that if you fall off a cruise ship – you are probably gone forever. The ship is required to make a reasonable search for anyone that falls overboard, or otherwise goes missing. However, there have been many cases where the friends and family of the missing have not been satisfied with the cruise line’s efforts. When a crime is committed, the laws it’s subject to will vary. We just did a piece on our sister site in which a woman went missing while serving as staff on a Disney cruise. She was British, serving on a Disney cruise in the U.S. But, Disney cruises are registered in the Bahamas, so that is the country primarily responsible for the search. . If you’re involved in a crime, you should find out whether it will be reported to federal or local authorities. If the crime is not being reported at all, you can still report it yourself. Most cruise lines are foreign-flagged ships. This means that they may be primarily governed by the laws of those counties. They may be subject to only some U.S. laws. The cruise industry spends big money lobbying governments. It is reported that the industry spent $2.9 million on federal lobbying during one 18-month period. This leads many to believe that oversight of the industry is purposely lax. Cruise lines are accused of pollution and covering up crimes. Many believe that they are able to get away with it by greasing the pockets of politicians.