Tragedy on the Danube as Cruise Ship Collides with Sightseeing Boat

Several people were killed last night when a cruise ship crashed into a small sightseeing boat in Hungary.

At least seven people have been confirmed dead in the collision, which involved a ship owned by Viking River Cruises another vessel carrying primarily South Korean tourists. 

The collision saw the 95-room Viking Sigyn ship collide with smaller vessel called the Mermaid. Forbes reports that the collision occurred as the two vessels were traveling in the heart of Budapest, Hungary near Margaret Bridge. Video of the incident shows the Mermaid being pushed under the Sigyn

Authorities report that of the 35 people aboard the Mermaid seven were killed, seven were rescued, and 21 remain missing. Rescue efforts were hampered by adverse weather conditions.

The captain of the Sigyn has reportedly been arrested by Hungarian authorities, and is being held for questioning for alleged reckless misconduct in waterborne traffic leading to mass casualties.

This is not the first time Viking has been in the news this year. In March, a Viking Ocean Cruises ship became stranded off the coast of Norway. The ship tossed about in the waves as rescue personnel used helicopters to airlift hundreds of passengers to safety. That incident resulted in numerous injuries and ongoing legal action against the company. In April, the Viking Idunn and an oil tanker collided, resulting in five injuries.