Safety Tips for Cruise Ships from a Maritime Lawyer

Lifeboat on cruise ship leaving Miami, Florida More families are going on cruise ship vacations every year. Cruise lines advertise exciting activities for the whole the family, but a cruise can turn from a good time to a dangerous situation quickly. Our maritime lawyer, John H. (Jack) Hickey, has represented both sides of cruise ship accident claims as he Was a Lawyer for Cruise Lines, Now a Lawyer For You® and has these safety tips for those embarking on a cruise in Miami.

  1. Bring Submersible Flashlights: Our attorney recommends bringing two submersible flashlights with you on the cruise ship. These come in handy if the power goes out, and you can also take them on excursions in case things go wrong.
  2. Find Your Assigned Life Boat: As soon as you board and are settling into your cabin, find your assigned lifeboat to be prepared for an emergency. Do not wait for the drill or for someone to tell you. Ask, then show your family and cabin mates where the lifeboat is located.
  3. Find Your Muster Station: The muster station is where you and your cabin mates are supposed to go in the case of an emergency. Again, do not wait for the drill or for someone to tell you and share the information.
  4. Locate the Life Vests: Find the life vests in your cabin and other locations on the ship and show all your cabin mates as well. That way, you’re prepared and can help others if something goes wrong.
  5. Recognize the Ship’s Evacuation Signal: There are many sounds and signals on a cruise ship. The standard emergency alert is seven short horn blasts followed by one long one.

Alcohol is a big part of the cruise experience and is heavily served in most areas of the ship. Knowing where the lifeboat, muster station, and life vests are will help you navigate an emergency as well as help you remember when you might be inebriated.

If you’re traveling with children, it’s critical you discuss these emergency measures with them and know where they are at all times. Small children should never be left alone and never assume someone else is watching your kids, particularly where pools, stairs, and steps are present. Kids need to know never to go into another person’s cabin or let someone (even crewmembers) into your cabin when you’re not around.

Most cruise ship accidents involve slip and falls on wet surfaces or due to ship movements, but another unfortunate fact of these “luxury” vacations is that sexual assault and rape often happen at sea or on land during excursions. Many cruise lines employ young men from developing nations who are willing to make less than minimum wage, and these cruise lines often fail to run thorough background checks. The medical staff on board cruise ships aren’t typically licensed to practice in the United States, and onboard medical negligence is another common occurrence.

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