Man On Trial for Killing 12-Year-Old In Maritime Incident Granted Request to Return to Scene

A man who is facing prison time as a result of a maritime collision that resulted in the death of a 12-year-old girl is asking the judge in the case to allow him to return to the scene of the crash. reports that the accused, Andrew Miltner, is currently in detention on charges relating to operating a personal watercraft while drunk and striking and killing Jasina Campbell.

As part of his defense, Miltner is requesting that the judge of the case allow him to return to the scene of the crime, a request which Judge Fernandez granted over the objection of the prosecution.

The prosecution argued that in order to access the river site Miltner will have to “access the river site through the private property of one of the eyewitnesses in this case,” and added that the property owner “could not be more opposed to the defendant being on or near her property.” The prosecutor also argued that Miltner would be a danger to the community and a flight risk.

Judge Fernandez ruled for the defense, saying “He’s going to be accompanied by an armed deputy, two armed deputies if they feel he’s a flight threat, so that’s not a concern for me.”

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