Maritime Crash Leaves Two Dead Near Lover’s Key

A man and woman were killed after being struck by a boat while riding a jet ski on Friday. reports that the payer was jet-skiing near Lover’s Key at about 12 p.m.  Friday when a jet ski reportedly collided with a boat. The report says that a witness saw both the jet ski and the boat traveling at a high rate of speed before the crash.

Following the collision, the jet skiers were thrown into the water. A doctor, who was witness to the crash, responded to the jet skiers and performed CPR. He was unable to save the life of either victim. “Instincts kind of kicked in, took my wallet and my phone out, and just jumped in the water to see what we could do to help,” said Dr. Rob Kopp.

First responders transported one of the victims to  Lee Health Coconut Point and the other two NCH North Naples. Medical personnel later pronounced both victims dead.

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