Cruise Injury Statute of Limitation Fast Approaching

When the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a halt in March and April 2020 the cruise industry was not spared. Most major cruise ships were grounded in the wake of the virus’ spread and have remained so ever since. But despite the global shutdown, the statute of limitation for filing cruise injury claims continues in effect. 

In the field of law, a statute of limitation acts as a time limit during which a victim must file suit. If the victim files suit after the statute of limitation it is likely that the court will reject the victim’s case. For most cruise injuries the statute of limitation is one year from the date of the incident. This means that practically everyone who suffered a cruise related injury in 2020 must file suit in the coming months or risk having their case barred from court.

Cruise related injuries that could qualify for compensation include sexual assault, slip-and-fall, injuries suffered during excursions, and injuries stemming from the cruise line’s negligence.

If you are unsure whether the one-year statute of limitation applies to your case, or have questions about any legal aspect of a cruise related injury, we recommend you speak to an experienced attorney to gain useful legal advice. This advice could mean the difference between obtaining justice and the compensation you deserve or potentially losing out on your opportunity to hold the cruise company responsible.

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