Questions Arise About Cruise Ship Security After Last Week’s Cruise Ship Brawls

After last month’s crazy cruise ship brawl, which saw dozens of passengers aboard a Carnival cruise ship engage in a protracted series of fights aboard the ship, many are asking if cruise companies should do more to protect their passengers.

During the fights many passengers report that they had hidden in their staterooms in order to avoid the carnage. Though it would seem that cruise ship security should have stepped in and restored order, upon watching video of the melee it becomes clear that even cruise ship personnel were unable to get a handle on the situation.

In light of the situation, may wonder what cruise companies should do in order to provide a safe environment for passengers. Generally, cruise ships do not have trained police officers stationed aboard, and none of the major cruise lines have law enforcement stationed on their ships. This means that, in the case of a major emergency like that which occurred with the group fight last month, no law enforcement was available to intervene.