Newsweek: Emerald Princess Suffered an On board Fire This Week reports that the Emerald Princess cruise ship suffered a fire earlier this week.

The report indicates that the blaze was sparked by a dehumidifier inside the bulkhead in the dry storage. The blaze reportedly started while many crew members were on the lifeboat loading team, and they were not available to help fight the fire, making extinguishing the blaze more difficult.

No one was reported injured in the fire.

Cruise ship fires are not as rare as some would think. In fact, cruise ship engine room fires are relatively common. There tends to be several reports of cruise ship engine room fires every year.

Last week, we blogged about a fire that broke out on a Peruvian cruise ship that was on its first day of an Amazonian cruise. This fire, which occurred in April 2016, resulted in the death of a Nebraska couple, Larry and Christy Hammer . 

Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska announced this month that she is introducing “Hammers’ Law,” which is named after the couple. The law will provide more legal recovery options to the survivors of those killed as a result of cruise company negligence.