More On Man Who Drove Into A Group of Bicyclists in Fort Lauderdale

Yesterday we blogged that over the weekend a man drove into a group of bicyclists in Fort Lauderdale. Now, more information about the incident is becoming available. reports that the incident appears to have begun with “all these bicycles with kids on them are in the road, jumping, doing wheelies, doing flips, up on the sidewalk scaring people,” said witness Robert Allard. 

Apparently, the bicyclists and the driver had a confrontation leading to a fistfight and possibly someone throwing bricks. Following the fight the driver entered his vehicle and drove into the group of bicyclists, striking at least one person. 

Suddenly, “This black car went right over up on the sidewalk in the bicycle lane and starts hitting these bicycles,” says Allard. 

The victim is currently recovering in the hospital. 

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