Miami Motorcycle Accidents and Brain Injuries

Miami Motorcycle Accidents and Brain InjuriesWe know motorcycles and motorcycle crashes. People in cars and trucks do not look out for motorcycles. They should. The drivers of cars and trucks almost always are the primary cause if not the sole cause of crashes between a motorcycle and a car or truck. These drivers do not pay attention.

Whether you ride a Harley Davidson, Indian, custom bike, Husqvarna, Bombardier, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Lambretta, Vespa, BMW, Northon, or Triumph motorcycle, one thing is certain: the drivers of cars and trucks do not drive well and do not look where they are going.  No matter how well and cautious you ride, cars and trucks can be careless and can hit you.

Hickey Law Firm is the law firm that is big enough to handle any motorcycle case and small enough to care. Instead of treating you as just another number like other law firms, we give your case the proper respect that it deserves. Our lawyers have over 60 years of experience handling catastrophic personal injury cases and winning successful settlements and verdicts. We have helped our clients receive over $100 million for their claims.



What are common causes of Miami motorcycle accidents?

Even though motorcycle riders are often blamed for their own accidents, a majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by the other motorists. There are so many terrible decisions that drivers make that seriously injure motorcycle riders. Some of the common causes include suddenly switching lanes, suddenly opening car doors, failing to yield the right of way, and speeding. Drivers who drive fast and aggressively are more prone to violate traffic laws and hit motorcycle riders.

How motorcycle accidents lead to brain injuries

The brain is a soft organ. It has the consistency of tofu. The brain is encased in a hard skull which has sharp, hard ridges inside. Traumatic brain injury is caused when the brain moves back and forth quickly inside of the skull and hits the hard, sharp edges inside. When the brain hits the inside of the skull on the side which hits a fixed object it is called a coup injury. When the brain hits the side of the skull which is opposite to that which collided with a fixed object, it is called a contrecoup injury. These injuries occur even where the skull is not fractured or broken in any way.

When a motorcycle rider strikes another surface or object in a motorcycle accident, they can experience a significant blow to the head, leading to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). When your head experiences a significant amount of trauma, the brain’s ability to function properly can be temporarily or permanently altered. You can experience symptoms like the loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, retrograde amnesia (forgetting about all or part of the incident where the accident happened), seizures, blurred vision, and eventually difficulty with memory, planning, and concentration.

Consequences of brain injuries from motorcycle wrecks

It’s not until you experience a brain injury that you realize how much you need your brain to function normally. In addition to cognitive abilities, you need your brain to assist with all of your body’s processes. Your ability to breathe, regulate your temperature, maintain your emotions and perform simple motor skills (movement of parts of your body) are capable because of your brain. When you suffer a brain injury, any one or a number of these abilities can be affected.  You may have difficulties performing simple tasks and need additional medical assistance.

Medical expenses

Depending on the severity of your brain injury, you may need several types of medical services to continue living. Some of the common medical equipment for brain injury victims include ventilators, medical devices like wheelchairs, vertical platform lifts, and pain medications. You may also need to rely on services like physical and speech therapy to help you learn how to walk and speak again. These medical expenses can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Changes in your way of living

The biggest consequence of your brain injury are the changes in the way that you once lived. Your brain injury will affect your ability to perform your job, spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy your independence. You will now have to figure out important decisions like who will be your primary caretaker or how you will bring money in after your injury. These decisions can be stressful and depressing to think about.

John H. (Jack) Hickey and Hickey Law Firm can help alleviate your stress

At Hickey Law Firm, we assign two lawyers and two paralegals working for you. Each person is here for you and can assist with every portion of your claim. Our team can make sure that your claim and all supporting documentation is included.

Our legal team can also make sure that you are receiving the maximum amount of compensation for your claim. Your traumatic brain injury can be permanent. This can be for the rest of your life. Insurance agents and adjusters will not tell you this. They are trained professionals. You need to get trained professionals working for you. Our lawyers and our life care planners and economists can provide an estimate of the amount of money which will support you for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, you are guilty until proven innocent as a motorcycle rider. Many insurance adjusters will assume that your actions or even your motorcycle caused your accident. Our lawyers will use our knowledge of motorcycles, motorcycle riding, and the traffic laws of Florida to prove why you cannot be liable for your accident.

At Hickey Law Firm, our lawyers are known for three things: experience, leadership, and results. Experience including defending insurance companies and manufacturers and well as experience representing motorcycle riders with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, central nervous system injuries, orthopedic injuries, and burn like injuries resulting in skin grafts. Leadership in lawyer organizations and in lecturing other lawyers on how to handle these cases. And results. We have recovered over $100 million for our clients. Recently, we settled a car crash with a traumatic brain injury where our client turned left in front of oncoming traffic for $3.5M.

When you suffer a catastrophic, life changing injury from a motorcycle accident, you need a law firm that has the experience, leadership, and results. Call our office today or submit our contact form to schedule your free consultation in our Miami office.