How Did A 29-Year-Old Man Fall to His Death from A Cruise Ship?

Earlier this week we blogged about 29-year-old Christopher McGrory, who recently fell from a cruise ship which was sailing off the Florida coast. Though McGrory was retrieved from the water, he was later pronounced dead as a result of the injuries he suffered during the fall. The incident has sent shockwaves through the travel community and has left many wondering what exactly went wrong.

According to McGrory was celebrating his bachelor party aboard the 1,680 passenger Grand Classica, which is operated by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, when he fell overboard at approximately 8:00 PM on October 19th.

Despite significant public interest in the case, not much is known about the exact circumstances surrounding McGrory’s death. Newsweek reports that the investigation into the death is ongoing, and for that reason the U.S. Coast Guard is declining to comment on the cause of death.