Homeowners to Repair Dock After Out-of-Control Boat Crash

Two weeks ago we blogged about an out-of-control boat that slammed into a private dock in Palm Beach after the boat’s pilot reportedly lost control. Now, WPBF.com is reporting that the homeowners of the dock that was affected will likely have to pay for the repairs themselves.

The report says that the boat crashed with two people inside, both of whom survived. But the vessel practically destroyed a dock owned by Vincent Pellerito, who said of the incident, “A boat going over 50 miles an hour crashing into your seawall, it’s not going to have a good outcome.”

Adding insult to injury, Pellerito said that the boat’s owner has a limited insurance policy and that Pellerito’s own insurance company is denying the claim. Pellerito calls this news “another pain in the neck,” as the repair costs could rise to $200,000 or more.

Pellerito recommends that dock owners “look at those policies very carefully” so that they do not find themselves in a similar situation.

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