Defective Goodyear Tires May Be Responsible for Nearly 100 Deaths

Defective Goodyear motorhome tires may be responsible for up to 95 deaths, government researchers say.

The Miami Herald reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been investigating Goodyear G159 tires for the past year, and has determined that the tires may be responsible for almost 100 deaths over the past 20 years. The investigation was made possible by a judge’s ruling, which unsealed legal documents related to the tires.

The report indicates that, according to safety advocates, the tires were originally designed for delivery trucks, leading to deadly problems when they were used on motorhomes. It is alleged that Goodyear has engaged in a process of settling court cases in an effort to keep the tires on the market while avoiding negative publicity.

The NHTSA has sent a letter to Goodyear asking for information related to the tires, and is awaiting a reply. Meanwhile, the tires continue to be sold, and have not yet been recalled.