Cruise Passengers Recount Tales of Cruise Ship Striking Pier

Last week we covered the Norwegian Epic’s fated Caribbean voyage, in which the ship struck a mooring while pulling into port a Puerto Rico. After returning home, the passengers from the ship began to tell their stories. 

A group of Minnesotans who were aboard the ship talked to a local news station, telling how some initially panicked, thinking that the ship was going to sink after striking the pier. Though the ship did suffer some damage, published reports indicate that no one was injured in the incident. But that is not to say that there were no consequences stemming from the collision.

After setting sail from Puerto Rico the day after striking the pier, cruise authorities informed passengers that all planned stops would be cancelled. Though many experienced cruise travelers reported that this fated voyage was the worst of their lifetimes, the Minnesotans were just happy to be out of the cold and in the company of family and friends.