Carnival Sunshine Cruise Ship Lists Dangerously Sending Passengers into A Panic reports that a Carnival cruise ship experienced significant mechanical issues over the weekend, resulting in the ship listing violently to its side.

The report says that shortly after leaving Port Canaveral on Sunday the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship began to suffer a problem with the ship’s fin stabilizer, which functions to prevent “excess rolling of the ship in either direction”.

Due to the failing of the stabilizer the ship began to list (lean) violently to its side, sending dishes and furniture flying and sending passengers into a panic.

Despite the inherent hazards in the situation, no one was reported injured.

Carnival released a statement about the incident, saying:

“On Sunday evening, Carnival Sunshine experienced a technical issue which caused the ship to list. There was never any issue with the safe operation of the ship and our officers quickly intervened to correct the situation.

“Following the incident, evening events resumed for our guests. Carnival Sunshine proceeded on its Caribbean cruise as scheduled. We are very sorry for the disruption this caused. The ship remains fully operational and will sail as scheduled on Friday, Nov. 2.  We remain confident of the safety of the ship as we are committed to the safety of our guests and crew.”