Cruise Ship Fire Injuries

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When your family partakes on a cruise ship vacation, you expect the cruise ship to provide a heightened level of care and safety. You and your family believe that you’ve spent a significant amount of money and deserve to be pampered in absolute protection. Unfortunately, all too often cruise ships are operated when they’re not in the best condition – and a cruise ship accident may occur because of this.

If you’ve been on a cruise ship that has had a malfunction of any type, you may have recourse to file a lawsuit. Our team of Miami cruise ship injury attorneys can help you and your family seek retribution for the bad standard of care. Please contact us today at (855) 375-3727.

Cruise Ship Dangers

When a cruise ship doesn’t take the necessary care in maintaining their ships, terrible tragedies can occur. A ship is expected to ensure that all of their facilities are in correct working order – from the lawn chairs to the engine propellers. If they skip maintenance steps or ignore warning signs, dangerous situations can occur and you or your family may suffer because of them.

Cruise ship injuries can occur because of the following:

Cruise Ship Fires

A fire aboard a cruise ship can lead to severe trauma and consequences. An engine fire may cause a cruise ship to list or tilt, which may also cause the ship to take on water or even sink. Engine malfunctions have left passengers stranded at sea, aboard an uncontrollable ship. It can also cause the boat to lose power to the sewage systems and the air conditioning. Food may even become infected with bacteria if the engines affect the food storage systems.

Contact a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

cruise ship fire and injury attorneys | Miami lawyersAn engine room fire poses several risks to passengers and crewmembers alike. When a ship loses power, it creates the potential for mass chaos, injury, disease, and death. When something goes wrong on a cruise ship, you need an experienced attorney to represent you as you seek justice from the injury, trauma, or loss you sustained on what was supposed to be a relaxing, peaceful vacation.

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