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Family Awarded $3.38 Million Due to Cruise Passenger's Death Due to Medical Malpractice

March 09, 2019

The family of a cruise ship passenger who died while taking a cruise vacation was awarded $3.38 million by a federal jury this week.

70 year old Richard Puchalski was sailing aboard the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas with his family in 2016 when he visited the ship’s infirmary, complaining of shortness of breath. He was treated by the ship’s medical personnel and…

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Cruise Crime Stats Continue to Show Trend of Onboard Sexual Assaults

March 08, 2019

The most recently released cruise ship crime stats show that sexual assault continues to be the most commonly reported crime aboard cruise ships.

The stats, which are compiled and reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), covers July 1, 2018 - September 30, 2018, and includes crimes reported by major cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and…

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Why Do Cruise Ships Sail Into Dangerous Storms?

March 07, 2019

Over the years we have reported on many instances of cruise ships sailing into dangerous storms, putting passengers and crew members at risk. This week a Norwegian Cruise Line ship sailed into a storm and was hit by powerful wind gust, causing it to list onto its side. Several passengers were hurt in the incident. 

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More Details Emerge about NCL Tilting Incident that Injured Several Passengers

March 06, 2019

The Washington Post is providing more details about this week’s dangerous cruise ship tilting incident that left several passengers injured.

On Sunday night, as the 20-story Norwegian Escape cruise ship set sail from New York toward Cape Canaveral, Florida, the ship was struck by a severe gust of wind as it traveled northeast of the Delmarva Peninsula. The gust was so strong, estimated at up to 115 miles per hour, that it caused the 1,070 foot…

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The Civil Justice System: Protecting Your Family

March 06, 2019


As we have all heard for decades, the insurance industry, Chamber of Commerce, anti-consumer lobbyists and “tort reform” groups have spent millions of dollars to shield corporations that harm others from being held accountable. It’s been a coordinated attack on the civil justice system as a whole, it’s well documented, and candidly, it’s worked.

Most of us run or work for small businesses. Individually, we’ll never match the funding, organization and coordination of these groups.

But we can fight back – with some creativity, hard work, money, and of course, the truth - and the short video below that the DC-TLA public education committee…

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Several Cruise Passengers Injured after Norwegian Cruise Ship Lists Severely

March 05, 2019

USA Today reports that several passengers were hurt after a cruise ship suddenly listed earlier this week.

According to the report the Norwegian Escape cruise ship was struck by a "sudden, extreme gust of wind" of up to 115 miles per hour, causing the massive ship to list severely. The 20 story vessel was at dock at the…

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Florida Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison for Cruise Ship Sexual Assault

March 04, 2019

Late last year a Florida man was sentenced to 10 years in prison following an arrest for cruise ship sexual assault earlier in the year. 

23 year old Brian Holland was arrested in February 2018 after he sexually assaulted a teenage woman while the two were in a hot tub aboard the Carnival Elation cruise ship. Published reports indicate that the woman suffers from a mental condition that causes her to have the mental capacity of a child. 

After the…

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South Florida Banner Plane Crash Kills One

March 03, 2019

South Florida Banner Plane Crash Kills One

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U.S. State Department Issues Bahamas Travel Advisory

March 02, 2019

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory, warning U.S. citizens against visiting the Bahamas. 

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This Week’s Cruise Related Stories Teach An Important Lesson

March 01, 2019

Two of the major cruise travel related headlines this week related to couples being left by cruise ships in foreign countries. And though the circumstances surrounding the incidences could not have been more different, together they teach an important lesson about cruise travel.

Earlier this week we reported on the Palks, who were abandoned in Mexico by Royal Caribbean when Mrs. Palk was having a medical emergency. Unable to assist her aboard the ship, the company forced the couple to disembark in Mexico and find their own medical treatment, and their own way home. 

The other story relates to a viral video in which a couple can be seen chasing a Royal Caribbean…

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