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Dispute Arises Surrounding Circumstances Leading to Toddler’s Cruise Ship Death

July 10, 2019

In the hours following the death of an 18 month old toddler, who fell from a cruise ship over the weekend, reports indicated that her grandfather had been involved in her death. While some reports said that he had accidentally dropped her from the 11th floor of the ship after he slipped, other reports indicated that he had been dangling the girl over the side of the ship when she slipped from his grasp. Now, the girl’s family is disputing these reports.…

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Family of a Toddler Who Died In Cruise Ship Fall Speaks Out

July 09, 2019

Over the weekend, an 18 month old girl named Chloe tragically fell to her death from a cruise ship window as the ship was at harbor in Puerto Rico. The girl’s grandfather, who was holding her just before her fall, is currently under investigation. But in a recent interview the family blames the cruise company for the tragedy.


Chloe fell 11 stories from the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas on Sunday. Initial reports indicated that her grandfather,…

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More Information About Toddler Who Fell from Cruise Ship

July 08, 2019

Today more information about the toddler who died after falling from a cruise ship was released. 

The girl was being carried by her grandfather, as the family sailed aboard the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship. After she slipped from her grandfather’s hands the toddler fell from the 11th floor of the ship to her death. The Freedom of the Seas was docked in Puerto Rico at the time of the tragedy.

The victim was traveling with her parents, siblings, and both sets of…

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Multiple Spanish Language Newspapers Report Toddler Dies after Falling from Cruise Ship

July 07, 2019

Various Spanish language newspapers are reporting that a toddler died today, after falling from the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas cruise ship while the vessel was docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Muelle.jpg reports that the 18 month old child fell from the 11th floor of the ship as she was being carried in her grandfather’s arms. Apparently the…

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Coast Guard Continues to Search for Missing Cruise Ship Crew Member

July 06, 2019

As of this morning, the U.S. Coast Guard continued to search for the missing cruise ship crew member, who fell into the sea from a Carnival cruise ship earlier this week. 

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Norwegian Pearl Cancellation Leaves Thousands Stranded in Rome

July 05, 2019

Two days ago we blogged about Norwegian Cruise Line’s decision to cancel a Mediterranean itinerary, scheduled to set sail today, due to mechanical problems. Many of the passengers who were going to sail on the ship had already arrived to Rome in anticipation of their embarkation. Now, those passengers find themselves essentially stranded, as they had booked return flights after July 15th in anticipation of spending ten days on vacation.

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Cruise Ship Crew Member Reportedly Falls from Ship - Search Ongoing

July 04, 2019

A cruise ship crew member has reported fallen overboard from the ship on which he works, prompting a search which is currently ongoing. reports that the worker fell from the Carnival Victory cruise ship as it was returning to port at Miami, as the vessel was about 30 miles off the coast of Cuba. While officials have not identified the victim by name, they have said that the victim is a 37-year-old male.…

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Passengers Go Ballistic After Norwegian Cruise Line Cancels Voyage Due to Mechanical Issues

July 03, 2019

Norwegian Cruise Line is issuing an apology to its customers after mechanical issues with one of its ships caused a significant change in the vessel’s itinerary, and caused the company to cancel a future itinerary.

In a statement the company said that the Norwegian Pearl "experienced a mechanical issue which necessitates that she travel at a reduced speed. As such, she did not call to Palma, Majorca, and instead sailed directly to Barcelona where further assessments were made.” Ultimately the ship…

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Friends of Earth Rates Cruise Companies’ Pollution Practices - Carnival and RCL Rank Poorly

July 02, 2019 reports that, in a recently released report ranking cruise companies’ pollution practices, giants Carnival and Royal Caribbean rank near the worst.

The report was issued by environmental watchdog Friends of Earth,and graded 16 cruise lines on their overall pollution practices, including “how they treat their…

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Can I Send A Letter For An Injury Case Instead Of Hiring A Lawyer?

July 01, 2019

After suffering from an injury on a cruise ship, you may be wondering if, instead of hiring a lawyer, you can send a letter to the cruise company as a demand for compensation. In the following video cruise injury attorney Jack Hickey discusses why this may not be such a good idea.

Hickey says:

  • The cruise company’s lawyers and insurance companies are experts at turning your words against you.
  • Cruise company adjusters and attorneys deal with…
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