Yet Another Takata Airbag Related Auto Recall

Automaker Ford is recalling over 150,000 vehicles because they may have been manufactured with defective airbags. reports that Ford issued the recall on Thursday, claiming that it had lost track of 45 obsolete airbags that the company may have installed on some older Ford Tracker models.

The airbags could prove to be especially dangerous, as other airbags of this type have severely injured and killed people. This is because the airbags were manufactured with a chemical that can explode violently, ripping the airbag from its housing and pelting victims with shrapnel.

The recall includes over 153,000 Ford Ranger vehicles, model years 2004-2006

The Ford recall is part of the waning Takata airbag scandal. At its height, the scandal prompted the largest auto recall in history as automakers were forced to recall over 60 million vehicles worldwide to replace the defective Takata airbags.