Yacht Slams into Sailboat – Injuring Two

A yacht crashed into a sailboat in the Intercoastal waterway near Edgewater on Saturday, leaving three people in desperate need of assistance.

WESH.com reports that the 26-foot sailboat suffered significant damage in the crash Saturday night when a 56-foot yacht slammed into it and kept going, a veritable hit and run at sea. “As we’re pulling up to the sailboat, he takes off, he leaves the scene. Yeah, the bigger boat leaves the scene,” said a witness.

Good Samaritans heard the crash and rushed to the victims’ aid.

Of the three people who were aboard the sailboat when the crash occurred two were injured. One of the victims suffered a skull fracture while the other reportedly suffered a minor injury.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is investigating the crash. FFW says that the yacht’s operators were not its owners. Instead, the men were hired help, transporting the yacht from South Florida to Georgia.

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