When Will Cruise Ships Return To The Sea?

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Posted: April 26, 2020

After the major cruise lines all announced that they would voluntarily suspend cruising amid the coronavirus pandemic, the future of cruising was cast into doubt. It was not immediately clear how or when the vessels would be able to resume or what such a resumption would look like. 

Here is the most recent information relating to the major cruise lines and when they plan to resume cruising, as complied by investment website The Motley Fool:

Carnival Cruise Line - All voyages cancelled through June 27 

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - All voyages cancelled through June 11 

Norwegian Cruise Line - All voyages cancelled through June 30 

Cunard Cruises - All voyages cancelled until September 8

In addition to these self-imposed restrictions on sailing, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a no-sail order to all cruise ships that call on U.S. ports. The order is set to last up to 100 days but could be shorter if the CDC director or Secretary of Health and Human Services gives the industry the green light sooner.