What To Do If You Are Sexually Assaulted Aboard a Cruise Ship

In this video cruise sexual assault attorney Jack Hickey discusses what to do if you are ever the victim of cruise ship sexual assault or rape. 

Hickey advises:

  1. Go get help – Do not think that you have done anything wrong. Immediately seek help and to put yourself into a safe location.
  2. Report the incident to cruise authorities- Report the incident to the ship’s onboard authorities and be sure to get a rape kit examination. 
  3. Report the incident to the FBI (Do not allow the cruise line to report to the FBI on your behalf) – Cruise companies want to tell the FBI their version of events, which can be a conflict of interest, especially when a cruise ship crew member is involved. Instead of allowing the cruise company to contact the FBI for you, insist that you (or your loved ones) talk directly to the FBI.
  4. Get examined when you get home – Once back on shore get additional medical examinations, and be sure to receive psychological counseling as well.