What Cruise Companies and Passenger Can Do To Help Reduce Coronavirus Spread

The ongoing international coronavirus outbreak has killed thousands of people. Perhaps nowhere has the contagion been more profound than on cruise ships. Due to the nature of transporting thousands of travelers in close quarters for days and weeks on end, cruise ships can be a hotbed for disease transmission. This leaves many wondering what cruise companies and travelers can do to increase safety.

Relating coronavirus, cruise companies must do better. Here are some recommendations that cruise companies can take now:

  • Increase testing for those boarding cruise ships and those already on board the ships.
  • Make cancellation and postponement policies more liberal to encourage those who are sick to stay home.
  • Refine quarantine plans to quickly and efficiently move sick cruisers from the general population.
  • Redouble efforts to keep ships absolutely clean and disinfected.
  • Stay in close contact with relevant health officials to report sick passengers and gain the necessary guidance.

Passengers also have a role to play in staying safe, including:

  • Observe cleanliness practices including frequently washing hands, sneezing into the elbow instead of hands, and avoiding shaking hands.
  • Report illness to ship officials promptly.
  • Avoid cruising if you fall ill before the voyage.
  • Cooperate with cruise ship quarantine orders.