What are Cruise Passengers’ Options After Falling Ill on a Cruise Ship?

Over the years tens of  thousands of cruise ship passengers have fallen ill with stomach bugs such as norovirus. The cruise industry has battled to “clean up” this nasty problem, and recent data shows that the industry is having some success. But this week’s outbreak aboard one of the largest cruise ships in the world shows that illness outbreaks are still a threat.

According to MarketWatch.com, cruise ship passengers have very little recourse after falling ill while sailing on a cruise ship. For example, the cruise contract allows cruise ship officials to quarantine passengers to their rooms. There have been many stories of quarantined passengers being forced to their rooms and not allowed to leave, and nevertheless not being given refunds after returning to port.

In What MarketWatch calls a ‘somewhat unusual move,” Royal Caribbean is offering passengers from this week’s truncated cruise a full refund.