Two Carnival Cruise Ships Collide in Cozumel, Mexico

Windy conditions may have played a role in a collision between two Carnival cruise ships in Cozumel, Mexico on Friday.

CNN reports that the Carnival Glory collided with the Carnival Legend as the Glory was attempting to maneuver in the port. The collision left the Glory with visible damage to the rear of the ship. Though the Glory’s damage was unsightly, officials indicated that the damage to the ships did not seem to affect the seaworthiness of either vessel.

Various news outlets report differing numbers of people injured, from one to five. 

This is not the first time that a cruise ship has been involved in a collision this year. In the spring a cruise ship collided with another ship in the port of Venice, Italy, resulting in five injuries. That incident helped catalyze changes to Italy’s policies relating to cruising.

The deadliest cruise collision in 2019 occurred in Hungary when a river cruise ship collided with a sight-seeing boat. Over 30 people were killed when the boat was forced underwater by the much larger ship.