The Civil Justice System: Protecting Your Family


As we have all heard for decades, the insurance industry, Chamber of Commerce, anti-consumer lobbyists and “tort reform” groups have spent millions of dollars to shield corporations that harm others from being held accountable. It’s been a coordinated attack on the civil justice system as a whole, it’s well documented, and candidly, it’s worked.

Most of us run or work for small businesses. Individually, we’ll never match the funding, organization and coordination of these groups.

But we can fight back – with some creativity, hard work, money, and of course, the truth – and the short video below that the DC-TLA public education committee produced is a part of that ongoing effort.

DC-TLA has given the video to its members and is part of a campaign to educate people that should help all of us, and our clients (but only if we use it). While the DC-TLA put this out initially for its members, the goal is to spread it and to make it go viral. So on behalf of the DC-TLA, I’m happy to pass it on to you all.

Share it with your staff, friends and family so they can share it organically. After watching the video, you will see that there is nothing about this that benefits me, or the DC-TLA, or anybody other than our past, current, and future clients.

Hope you can all find a way to utilize this to better educate your localities. Here’s the link: