South Florida Toddler Recovering after Nearly Drowning in Local Swimming Pool

A Pembroke Pines child is recovering after near drowning in a local swimming pool. reports that three-year-old Cameron Bryant was playing in the swimming pool of an apartment complex located in the 1600 block of South Hiatus Road over the weekend, when he disappeared under the water. Bryant was submerged for six minutes before being pulled from the water. 

Nursing student Diana Delgado was near the scene, and went to aid Bryant’s grandmother, who was frantically trying to revive him while performing CPR. When Delgado stepped in to help Bryant was unresponsive with no pulse. Delgado continued to perform CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene. 

Showing signs of life, Bryant was rushed to a local medical facility where he began to make a recovery. While most people would be expected to show severe signs of brain damage after being without oxygen for six minutes, Bryant is expected to make a full recovery.

Local doctors and authorities are calling on the public to be vigilant when attending children at swimming pools.