Some Begin to Wonder If Cruising Will Make A Full Return In 2020

Some are beginning to wonder if cruising will make a return in 2020, or if travelers will have to wait until 2021 to see a full return to cruising. This question has become more interesting after a European cruise company announced that it is suspending its operations until the spring of next year. reports that Celestyal Cruises, based out of Greece, has announced that it has suspended service and will resume in March 2021. The article says that the company operates two cruise ships that sail the Eastern Mediterranean. and a significant number of the company’s customers are international travelers including Americans.

In a statement, Celestyal Cruises’ chief commercial officer said at first the company was optimistic that it could return to operations this summer but “given the prevailing uncertainty regarding travel restrictions through the balance of our operating season from our largest international source markets, coupled with the continuing discussions at the European Union level regarding the enhanced health protocols that will apply to EU cruise operations, we made the difficult but prudent decision to postpone resuming cruise operations until the scheduled start of our normal spring season next year.” 

None of the major cruise lines have made such an announcement as of yet. But, all the major cruise companies have pushed sailing dates back multiple times, and it is not clear whether they will be ready to sail in mid-September to early October as currently planned.