Several Cruise Passengers Injured after Norwegian Cruise Ship Lists Severely

USA Today reports that several passengers were hurt after a cruise ship suddenly listed earlier this week.

According to the report the Norwegian Escape cruise ship was struck by a “sudden, extreme gust of wind” of up to 115 miles per hour, causing the massive ship to list severely. The 20 story vessel was at dock at the time of the incident. 

At least eight passengers were reported injured, with one saying that she had been thrown from the shower in her eighth level stateroom.  “The door opened, and the water sloshed out onto the floor,” Rhona Pervin told USA Today. Passengers took to social media to report the scariest cruise experience of their lives, with plates, glassware, and furniture being overturned and even a lotto machine falling on someone. 

The injured passengers were transported to Cape Canaveral Hospital and Holmes Regional Medical Center for treatment. 

In a statement Norwegian Cruise Line officials stated “Several injuries were reported and those guests and crew received immediate attention and were treated by the ship’s medical staff. There was no damage to the ship; she remains fully operational.”