Serious Crash Involving Publix Tractor-Trailer Leaves One Person Hospitalized

A Florida woman was seriously injured in a crash involving a tractor-trailer earlier this week, in a collision that left her car pinned under the big rig. reports that the woman was driving a Ford Mustang when her car and the Publix 18-wheeler collided on the westbound side of State Road 528 in Orange County. The crash left a horrific scene of twisted metal as the Mustang was crushed under the big rig. 

Officials with Fire Rescue stated that they had rushed at least one woman to the hospital following the collision, but did not comment on the tractor-trailer’s driver or if there had been any additional passengers in the Mustang. Authorities did not immediately provide any additional information about the woman’s condition or the crash.

Though not conclusive, judging from the photos of the collision it appears that the tractor tailer involved in the crash did not have side guards installed. Side guards, also called underride guards, are meant to prevent vehicles that crash into tractor trailers from going underneath the rigs. This article by reports that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested a particular type of side guard and concluded that drivers who collide with tractor trailers at 35mph are more likely to survive if the rig was using the guard.