Royal Princess Cruise Ship Returns to U.S. As FBI Investigates Mysterious Death

The Royal Princess cruise ship returned to Port Everglades today, amid speculation surrounding the circumstances leading to the death of one of the ship’s passengers.

The 52-year-old female victim reportedly fell 14 stories from the upper deck of the ship and struck a life boat in the lower part of the massive vessel.

Initial reports indicated that the woman was seen with a man, who was allegedly strangling her, shortly before her fall. Local10 reports that the woman’s husband is not a suspect, and that he did not return to the U.S. with the ship but has instead remained in Aruba.

Because the incident occurred as the ship sailed between Curacao and Aruba, Aruban police initially took on the investigation. Now, the FBI is also involved. Reporting on the investigation, Local10 said that, now that the ship had returned to the U.S., the FBI will likely want to review the ship’s security footage for clues as to what happened.

Passengers report learning of the incident in the wee hours of the morning after ship authorities called for help over the public announcement system.