Medical Alert Device Wrongful Death Claim: Can a Medical Device’s Failure Be Wrongful Death?

Medical Alert Device Wrongful Death Claim: Can a Medical Device’s Failure Be Wrongful Death?Medscope America Corp. and Avantguard Monitoring Centers LLC settled a lawsuit brought by a man in Georgia who believes his mother’s distress call on such a device was handled in a negligent manner. She did not get the medical care she needed, and that led to her death.

In this case, Loretta Lewis used the medical device when she was struggling to breathe, but the operator from Avantguard failed to convey the urgency of the situation to the 911 dispatcher or provide necessary information, including that the door to the house was locked. They could not get into the home soon enough, and by the time they did, Lewis was barely breathing and died of an anoxic brain injury three days later.

This is an important product liability suit about electronic alert companies. The issue always will be to prove that if the alert had worked and someone had gotten there sooner, would that have made a difference? In other words, was there causation of the negligence (alert company did not respond on time) to the event (death or other serious injury)?

In our experience in helping to recover millions of dollars in wrongful death claims, we know that proving negligence is not simple. We must show a jury that someone in this process was negligent.

Complexities in wrongful death require a skilled Miami attorney

In legal battles like this, it is critical to a highly experienced Miami wrongful death lawyers. Proving that a person died or suffered serious injury because a medical device or those using it failed them requires extensive research and legal insights into the specific relationship established between the user of the device and the service provided.

In the case of Ms. Lewis, the companies that market their products to people who are disabled or elderly – people who certainly are turning to the service because they have a risk – should have known that she was at home, alone, with the doors locked and unable to open those doors. Should they have communicated that to the 911 dispatcher, EMS would have been there sooner to open the door to get to the individual.

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