Royal Caribbean Crew Member Sues for Rape and Company Mistreatment

Earlier this year a former Royal Caribbean employee filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that she had been raped and mistreated while working aboard one of the company’s ships.

The Miami New Times reports that the woman, identified only as Jane Doe, filed a civil complaint which claims that she was raped while working aboard the Majesty of the Seas cruise ship in the days following Christmas 2015. The report says that the attack lasted for about 45 minutes and left the women severely bruised and bitten.

The victim also recounts how she was dissuaded from pressing charges by the ship’s hierarchy, including its staff captain and security officer. Cruise ship crew members have often reported that their higher ups dissuaded them from seeking justice following reports of onboard sexual assault.

The Miami New Times write-up of the incident can be found by clicking here. In it, cruise injury attorney Jack Hickey discusses the case and its details.

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