Report: Significant Number of Sick Cruise Ship Crew Members Still At Sea Worldwide

The vast majority of the word’s cruise ship passengers have now made it home, after many of them were stuck aboard cruise ships as coronavirus concerns abounded. But many of the ships’ crew members have still not made it home, and remain quarantined aboard the ships on which they work. reports that there are likely thousands of crew members who have not yet been able to go home. Among those still stuck aboard the ships are many American citizens.

The report quoted Ian Brownlee, head of the State Department’s repatriation task force, as saying that there are “fairly significant number of U.S. citizen crew members” are still aboard the ships because U.S. ports have been reluctant to allow them to dock.

The State Department’s repatriation task force is undertaking the monumental task of getting Americans home after they have been trapped outside the country as borders closed. The ABC News report says that thousands of American citizens remain trapped due to canceled flights and other travel impediments.

More help may be one the way. Lawmakers are preparing legislation that would help the State Departments’s repatriation efforts by hiring more officers and waiving costs that evacuees would otherwise have to pay.