One Dead and Others Injured Following High-Speed Police Chase of Car Theft Suspects

A woman was killed and a man was injured during a high-speed police chase in Miami-Dade Friday. reports that police were pursuing a stolen vehicle when the crash occurred at the intersection of Opa-Locka Boulevard and Northwest Seventh Avenue at about 8:35 p.m. Friday. 

Surveillance video captured the collision, which occurred as detectives closed in on suspects fleeing in a stolen Mercedes-Benz. The fleeing vehicle slammed into the vehicle of someone not involved in the chase with such force that parts both cars were left in the roadway. 

Oratio Garrell, a Good Samaritan who owns a business near the scene of the crash, says he went to help rescue the victims after hearing the crash. The Mercedes-Benz was in flames, which Garrell was able to help extinguish. 

The driver of the vehicle struck by the fleeing Mercedes-Benz was taken to the hospital for treatment, as were the two suspects fleeing in the stolen car. The woman passenger in the car which the Mercedes-Benz struck was killed.